Refocus- Core Summer Series, A Bible Study Of The Minor Prophets

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Refocus- Core Summer Series, A Bible Study Of The Minor Prophets


Summer is a time to sleep in, hang out with friends, procrastinate doing summer reading assignments, and refocus our priorities.  For some, this will be a summer of change; for others these few months will be more of the same.  Whether this is a new beginning for you or a time to begin new things, the summer is a time to REFOCUS.  This implies a change is needed; similar to the change the prophet Haggai exposed and called for in the Bible.  The problem was that while the Jewish people recognized the reality of God, they did not honor God with their actions and efforts, instead becoming consumed with their own comfortable priorities, failing to obey God’s command to rebuild the Temple, in which God would display His glory.   May God never say this to us… May we “give careful thought to our ways” that God would be pleased as we refocus and renew our pursuit of God and His glory.



Know: the misplaced priorities in their lives need to change and the call to give God honor.

Be: aware of God’s presence, empowering a refocusing of priorities

Do: Honor God through valuing the Church and God’s work in and through people through consistent engagement in our spiritual community and sharing God’s Gospel message.



July 10 -Haggai 1:1-11

A Rebuke: Misplaced priorities result in missed blessings from God; refocus is needed

 July 17 -Haggai 1:12-15

A Reminder: “I am with you” – God’s presence is the empowerment for refocusing

July 24- Haggai 2:1-9

Inspiring Promises: when discouraged by circumstances, we are promised God’s glory will be revealed.  He will refocus our lives on His work.

July 31- Haggai 2:10-23

Refocus: to give God anything less than our best (obedience, sacrifice, work, etc.) is wrong


 Aug 14- Summer Camp Follow-up

 Aug 21- Summer Camp Follow-up

Aug 28- CORE  Summer Finale Party

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