New Series: When The Going Gets Tough, A Study Through 1 Peter

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New Series: When The Going Gets Tough, A Study Through 1 Peter

CORE Teaching Series

When the Going Gets Tough…

(A Study of 1 Peter)

Big Idea: Suffering and hardships are many people’s excuses to walk away from God. Their thinking goes like: “If God is real, and if God is loving… why I am experiencing this tough time?” However, the Bible speaks to the suffering and hard times in many places – the letter written by Peter is one great source of encouragement and instruction for how we are to live when the going gets tough.

Although 1 Peter is a short letter, it touches on various doctrines and has much to say about the Christian life. It has been characterized as a letter of separation, of suffering and persecution, of hope, of pilgrimage, of courage, and as a letter dealing with the true grace of God. Peter says that he has written “encouraging you and testifying that this is the true grace of God” (5:12). This powerful letter will be our guide as we discover the strength to respond in faithfulness in tough times. When the going gets tough, we will remain faithful to Jesus!

Big Hope: Through the study of 1 Peter, our students will:

Know: suffering is not an excuse to abandon Jesus, but instead will know who to cling to during difficult times and the expectations Jesus has for us.

Be: people who value eternity and Jesus more than anything else.

Do: live holy, loving and faithful lives despite the tough times we endure by developing key spiritual habits (disciplines). [One habit will be highlighted each week.]

Key verse: 1 Peter 1:6-7


Jan. 8 … I will rejoice in my Savior” (1:1-12)


Jan. 15 … I will remain holy in actions” (1:13-2:3)


Jan. 22 … I will remember who I am because of Jesus” (2:4-12)


Jan. 29… I will obey authority as a servant of God” (2:13-25) 


Feb. 5 … I will honor my family” (3:1-7)


Feb. 12 … I will not repay evil with evil but will share Jesus” (3:8-22)


Feb. 19 … I will serve others … because the End is near” (4:7-19) 


Feb. 26 … I will humbly serve the church” (5:1-11)

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