New Series: Sexual By Design (Finding God’s Beauty In Gender)

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New Series: Sexual By Design (Finding God’s Beauty In Gender)

The Big Idea:  We are made in His image; made to be in relationships, made to be a gender complementing each other, all by His design.  Gender is God’s idea, therefore our task is to understand how God intended men and women to live with and serve one another.

The Big Hope:  It is our hope that this series will be an authentic, honest and frank discussion of God’s intention for our sexuality, gender identity and relationships.  As a result of this series we hope to see our students:

[THINK]– Thinking deeply about God’s truth in Gender formation.

[BE]– feeling secure in their gender identity, and

[DO]– living pure as they pursue meaningful relationships.

The BIG Beliefs:  We believe man and woman were created in God’s image, and have a mutual need for each other (Gen. 1:26, 2:20-23).  We believe marriage is a gift of God (Gen 2:24-25), intended to unite one man and one woman, for a lifetime of committed, monogamous love, leading to sexual , emotional and spiritual intimacy.  We believe any deviation from God’s design is sin that brings brokenness, death and not life.  While not all people will get married, we want all our students to make godly choices that will honor God’s design for their sexuality and their potential marriage.


  • April 24- God and Gender We are created as male and female in God’s image: equal in value, different function.  However, sin has affected and confused our gender roles and identity.
  • May 1- God and Womanhood– Who are woman supposed to be in the family, church and community?
  • May 8- God and Manhood– Who are men supposed to be in the family, church and community?
  • May 15- God and HomosexualityStruggling to find a Godly gender identity leads to many struggles.
  • May 22- God and Dating Foundational Relationships with Boundaries.  Understanding how to build healthy relationships with Purity Boundaries as the Bible has directed us to live.
  • May 29- God and Marriage God’s gift and design of marriage.
  • June 5- God and Singleness What does it look like to follow God’s will in waiting to date/ get married… Contentment in.

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