New Fall Series Teaching Template- 1st World Problems

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New Fall Series Teaching Template- 1st World Problems

Big IDEA: Life has been compared to a “Box of chocolates”- never know what each day will bring.  While “death and taxes” have been guarented experiences, you can be sure Life will present you with continual problems.  Some of the problems are minor- mere irritations; others can be crises- demanding immediate attention.  However, our generation is dealing with some unique problems to our culture and lifestyles. 1st world problems.  While often ignored because they are not deemed “life and death” problems suffered by those in improvised regions of the world, these “1st world problems” are challenges that people must recognize as crucial to their spiritual and emotional survival.  As we begin a new school year, emerging from the new spiritual momentum of the summer events, CORE will discuss potential set backs to our spiritual passion- problems that our 1st world culture challenges us with on a daily basis.

BIG HOPE: KNOW the challenges that seek to derail our spiritual passion and selfishly consume us. BE content with God’s grace and the experience God’s strength in meeting these problems.  DO differently countering these problems with godly lifestyle choices.


  • September 4– Distracted: from whats most important & real
  • September 11– Alone: Isolated
  • September 18– Divided: from God, against each other
  • September 25– Entitled : Assume I deserve, am entitled to more
  • October 2– Relevant/ Trendy

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