HE>I: Hebrews- The Book of Greater Things

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HE>I: Hebrews- The Book of Greater Things

Study of the book of Hebrews

“HE > I”

 Big Idea: We live in a world that seeks the “latest and greatest”; in a celebrity-driven culture, trendy fads become our focus.  This is even true when it comes to people’s views of God.   Many have a “been there/done that” mentality, but they have only experienced religion not the saving grace of Jesus Christ.  Jesus is greater than anything religion or this world has to offer.  The writer of the book of Hebrews dealt with a similar issue as the early Christians were tempted to leave Jesus and return to the religious rituals they had grown up with.  From January through Easter, CORE and the FOLD will study the book of Hebrews to remind ourselves again and again, Jesus is greater than I and everything else.   Big Hope: the purpose of studying the book of Hebrews is for our students to: KNOW -Jesus is greater than anything religion or this world has to offer. BE – Young adults who do not waver in their commitment to Christ DO- Refuse to substitute their time, trust in, and devotion to Jesus with worthless pursuits.   The Teaching Breakdown: Jan. 9) Hebrews 1 (1:1-4) Jesus is greater than… Jan 16) Hebrews 2 (2:5-13) Jesus offers a “greater” salvation Jan 23) Hebrews 3 (3:1-19) Jesus is greater than Moses Jan 30) Hebrews 4 (4:14-5:7) Jesus is a greater High Priest Feb 6) Hebrews 5 (5:10-6:3) A greater way to live Feb 13) Hebrews 6 (6:4-20) A greater hope Feb 20) Hebrews 7 (7:1-28) Jesus, Greater than Levi’s Priests Feb 27) Hebrews 8 (8:1-13) Jesus, The mediator of a Greater Covenant Mar 6) Hebrews 9 (9:1-28) Jesus, the Greater Sacrifice Mar 13) Hebrews 10 (10:1-25) Because of Jesus’ sacrifice – our greater response Mar 20) Hebrews 11 (11:1-12:2)  A greater faith Mar 27) Hebrews 12 (12:3-17) A greater love Apr 3) Hebrews 13 (13:5-8) A greater confidence in obedience

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