Core Preview for July 13

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Core Preview for July 13

The Summary: The Colossians were dealing with the problem of people telling them that the only way God would accept them was if they followed certain rules or regulations. That they only way God would fully love them was if they followed all the rules these people told them to follow. Paul wanted to warn the Colossians (and us) about these lies, because Paul wanted them to know that it is Christ alone that they are saved. People don’t need to worry about following every rule an regulation to be found acceptable, but rather die with Christ to world and be freed from these things. Rules and regulations are good when we realize that they are meant to point us towards Christ, not be the measure by which we think Christ accepts us.

Teacher: Cody Nord


1. What lies were the Colossians told about what they need to do in order to be acceptable?
2. What lies have been told to you in order to be acceptable to God?
3. What is the point of rules and regulations?