Apologetics| Teaching Series

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Apologetics| Teaching Series


The Main Idea

Christians live a world filled with people who don’t follow Jesus and significantly disagree with much of what we believe. Therefore, in order to commend and defend the faith we have in Jesus, it is crucial for Christians to not only know what they believe, but also why they believe it. In this series, we will be offering the Bible’s answer to specific questions that the world regularly asks Christians so they are prepared to thoughtfully, confidently, and faithfully engage the world with the good news of Jesus Christ.


The Purpose

Our aims in this series are to inform students of what Scripture teaches about today’s various “hot topic” issues and to equip them to answer as faithful ambassadors of Jesus.


The Teaching Schedule


April 13 | Holy Thursday


April 20 | Did Jesus Really Rise From the Dead?

Summary: All of Christianity depends on the resurrection of Jesus Christ. If He didn’t rise, then everything we believe is lost. If He did rise, then He should be trusted, obeyed, and loved above all things. So, how can we be sure Jesus really rose from the dead?

Teacher: Jeff Sholar


April 27 | Is God Pro-Choice or Pro-Life?

Summary: Abortion is a hot topic in the news today and a lot of people feel a lot of things about it, but what does God’s Word say? Is God Pro-Choice or Pro-Life and what does it matter?

Teacher: Michael Sherrard


May 3 | Is God Anti-Gay?

Summary: Homosexuality is talked about a lot today. It shows up in our songs, our shows, our movies, our newspapers, and even our courts. A lot of people think a lot of things about homosexuality, but how does God think about it? How should that affect the way we speak and act as God’s ambassadors?

Teacher: Sean McDowell


May 11 | Is the Bible Reliable?

Summary: The Bible is the foundation of the Christian life. Without it, there is no Christianity. But can we really trust it? Is it really reliable? How can Christians be sure that the book they base their lives on is really dependable? How do we know the Bible is true over all other religious books or secular philosophies?

Teacher: Noah Illig


May 18 | Is God-Anti Science?

Summary: It is often said that science and faith oppose one another; that you can’t accept both. But is that true? Are all Christians anti-science? How does science and Christianity relate to one another?

Teacher: Dana Dill